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bookLadyaslan strikes a chord with depth and darkness in this book. I have it on my coffee table, and my guests inevitably pick it up and start reading. The book has initiated some of the most interesting conversations. Also a great bedtime read. – Jeff Scheel, Lead Singer of Gravity Kills

Ladyaslan’s Victorian Nights and Punk Rock Days is an incredibly inspiring work. I read and reread her book and so there it stays on my end table for the next time. I can’t wait for her next book. Extremely amazing and talented writer. I am definitely a huge fan, which inspired my instrumental piece called ‘Additions to Anger with Stifff Kitties!’ – D ♥ Dianne Meinke, Singer/Songwriter

I like to be the ghost that haunts your soul in life and in death. Sitting silently, watching as I tear your inner fiber to shreds as I apply lipstick and sip absinthe. I’ve always had vivid dreams and a tortured heart- I know dark fantasy & desire & horror are in my blood. Welcome to my second compilation. – Ladyaslan


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